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What I know about the Palm Pre

Hey everyone,

I am an iPhone user and devotee, but I also have a responsibility to provide you with information concerning the other cool and hip devices on the marketplace. With that said, here is what I know about the Palm Pre, which was recently released:

  1. Palm created a new Web operating system and this is the first device to use the new operating system.

  2. The Palm Pre is only available through Sprint.

  3. The Palm Pre allows you to multi-task your applications. Quickly switch between tasks using the Card View interface. A note about this: I have found in my use of various smart phones that support multi-tasking, the battery life drains quickly. I do not know if that is the case with the Pre, but an item to consider.

  4. The Pre uses Sprint’s 3G network, and also has WiFi capabilities.

  5. The new operating system allows you to search not only on the phone, but also on the Internet through Google or Wikipedia, all from the home screen. The search first searches your phone, then goes automatically to Google and Wikipedia. Pretty cool feature.

  6. The Palm Pre supports unified email, contact lists, and calendar items. It also works with Exchange, Google Mail, Pop3/Imap servers, and Facebook.

  7. Battery life should be considered when purchasing this phone. It is rumored that Instant Messaging is a drain on the battery, as IM runs in the background when not being used.

  8. The Palm Pre has an online marketplace, much like the iPhone. The iPhone currently has 50,000 apps available, while the Pre Marketplace is just starting. If developers jump on the bandwagon, the Pre will have many useful applications.

  9. Full cut and paste capabilities are available across applications.

  10. The Pre costs $199 and has 8GB of storage. The comparable iPhone model costs $99.

There you have it folks. What I currently know about the Pre. If I had a wealthy sponsor, I could get a Pre and put it through its paces for you, but for the time being, ComputerDiva has no wealthy sponsors. Hmmmm. . . . .is there such a place as Wealthy Sponsors R Us?

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