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What’s the Buzz with Windows 7?

Hello friends,

Windows Vista was a complete bust (in my eyes anyway, and in the eyes of many out there), and Microsoft has put a large focus on the next version of Windows, which has been billed as “Windows 7”. According to Microsoft, Windows 7 was built around user feedback.

Windows 7 has the following features (I am not listing them all, just the highlights)

  1. Faster, more responsive performance.

  2. Power Management Improvements

  3. Improved Taskbar and full screen previews

  4. Desktop Enhancements

  5. Better Device Management

  6. Reduced Interruptions (Yeah!)

  7. Enhanced Multimedia

Yada yada yada. . .So what does all that flowery language mean? I don’t know, but I am going to find out!

Windows 7 Release Candidate is available for download, and I have it in my hot little hands. I am going to install it on my home laptop and document the process through this blog. I will begin the task tonight by doing all the prepwork necessary on my laptop. Not to worry, I will be in communication through my second laptop, and of course, my iPhone (love that iPhone).

Stay tuned!

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