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Xfinity – Customer “No Service”

Xfinity – Horrible Experience

I have an 88 year-old customer who recently asked me to help him change his TV service. He was getting frustrated by the pricing changes he kept seeing from Xfinity, his current provider. He wanted to find out more info on DirecTV.

This past Saturday we commenced our research. We first called Xfinity to find out what his monthly bill would be if we cancelled the TV portion of his account, and left the Internet portion on the account. We were quoted a price of $49.99 per month, plus $7 for the monthly rental fee on the modem. This was for his current package, Performance with 25 Mbps speeds.

We then researched DirecTV and discovered that his service would be much less expensive for the first 12 months, and even though the fees would increase after the first 12 months, it would still be quite a savings over what he was paying with Xfinity. We placed an order for the DirecTV service, and they actually came out this morning and got all the equipment installed and the service turned on. Great service from DirecTV.

Then, today we called Xfinity to cancel the TV portion of his account. The gentleman on the phone was fantastic and told us he cancelled the TV portion of the account, and waived the early termination fee. I then asked him to confirm what the price on the internet service would now be. He told me for the Performance package, 25 Mbps, which is what my customer has, would be a monthly fee of $64.99, pluse the $7 monthly modem rental fee. I let him know that we called on Saturday and were quoted the $49.99 fee.

Deplorable Service

This is when we started to experience really bad customer service. He told me there was no such price in the system and there was nothing he could do. He put me on hold to talk to a supervisor, and came back and told me the supervisor would not honor the price I was quoted.

When I asked to speak with a supervisor, I was told that no supervisor is going to get on the phone with me. I pressed the issue and told the gentleman that this was wrong. He actually agreed with me and told me he would not be able to get a supervisor on the line that would be willing to speak with me. I persisted and said I would not get off the phone until I could speak to someone higher up on the ladder.

After being put on hold for a few minutes, a supervisor came on the line and told me that he cannot help me. The price is $64.99 a month and that was all he could do. He then told me that the TV service has not been cancelled and there was an early termination fee he would split with us. I told him I needed to open a complaint and have this escalated. He told me we would receive a call in 24-48 hours. When I asked for a reference number, he told me he could not do that.

No Resulution for My 88 Year Old Customer

So, now we are left with the TV portion of the account not yet being cancelled, a monthly internet fee that is higher than what we quoted, and a company that refuses to give us nothing but horrible customer service.

Xfinity, this is a huge failure on your part.

To be continued. . . .

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