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72 Hour Sale!

72 Hour Sale!

Is your computer running slowly? Are your programs taking forever to load? Can you prepare an entire meal before your computer turns on?

Put your computer in the trusted hands of the experts at ComputerDiva! With one quick and easy tune-up we can get your computer back to tip-top shape, now for only $72 if you order by July 3rd 2014 at 5 PM.  Your PC Tune-UP can be used whenever you want, and never expires!  You have 72 hours to purchase a PC Tune-Up for only $72.

Don’t trust your precious data to the big box stores! With 25+ years of professional IT experience, ComputerDiva will be with you through any crisis.

Contact us today for our 72 Hour Tune-Up Special, including:

  1. Clearing out unnecessary and system-clogging temp files

  2. Pruning your registry

  3. Streamlining your startup process to get you back in business faster

  4. Full virus scan and updates for all virus definitions

  5. Maintenance of your virtual memory

  6. Defragging your hard drive for speed and protection of your data

  7. Guiding you through any recommended upgrades

How does this work?

1.     Purchase your PC Tune-up now, by either calling us, or clicking on the link below to purchase 2.     Our staff will call you to book your appointment.  You can use your PC Tune-Up whenever you want.  It will not expire!

Contact us today to book an appointment that’s convenient for you. All work will be performed remotely! Stay home, relax, and let our experienced professionals get your computer back into fighting shape.

Our 72 Hour Tune-Up Special is available for purchase now through July 3rd at 5 PM. Call today, or click below!  360-567-8838.

Purchase NowQuantityOne $72.00 USDTwo $144.00 USDThree $216.00 USDFour $288.00 USD

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