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Adobe, You Have Gone Too Far

Yes, this is exactly how I felt when I recently received an email from a client asking if an Adobe update can also include a virus. The more I dug into the questions, the more I discovered that yes, indeed, installing an Adobe update on your computer can also carry a payload of malware.

For years I have preached to my customers the importance of updating your computer with the latest updates from Adobe and Java. I have also cautioned everyone to make sure when installing the updates, that you opt out of any additional software the update wants to install.

However, there is a difference between installing the Google Toolbar, which is relatively harmless, and a McAfee Virus Scan, which in this case, is actually Malware.

First, never install an Adobe update because you received an email telling you an update was available. The link in the email probably directs you to a fake update site, designed to look like an official Adobe site. Only install an Adobe website by typing the Adobe address in your web browser.

Second, pay attention to every screen presented to you during the update process. The first screen of the Adobe update process will actually tell you that additional software will be installed, unless you opt out by unchecking the box for the additional software. Always uncheck these boxes. You never want to allow additional software to be loaded during an update.

It is easy to simply click click click on the “Next” buttons to get through an install. But in today’s world, that is a dangerous thing to do. The best offense is to be totally aware and informed.

If you suspect that you have malware on your system, you need to get it removed before it does damage to not only your computer, but also your financial life. Most malware is designed to pry financial information from you, either in the form of credit card charges and information, to identity theft.

We are always available to help if you find yourself in a jam.

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