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AT&T Mobile Share… What You Need To Know

AT&T Mobile Share

AT&T has rolled out it’s new Mobile Share plans. These plans allow you to share a data plan between devices, such as smart phones and tablets.  Here is what is included:

  1. All cell devices get unlimited calling minutes and texting.  No roaming or long distance charges nationwide.

  2. Your choice of data packages to share with all your smart devices.

  3. Up to 10 devices on the plan.

  4. Mobile Hotspot for smart phones.


If you have only one smartphone, the savings are minimal.  However, it does give you unlimited minutes and texting.  So it is something to think about if that appeals to you.  If you have more than one smartphone or device, the savings start to add up.  On my Package, which includes an iPhone, a basic phone, and an iPad, I ultimately saved myself $70/month.

How Much Data Do I Need?

When I bought my iPhone and iPad, I was fortunate to be able to purchase an unlimited data plan.  No unlimited data plan exists with the Mobile Share plans, so what am I to do?  I analyzed my actual data usage over the past several months and discovered that I really don’t use much data at all.  I checked my AT&T account and discovered that I averaged 170 MB of data usage on my iPhone, and the iPad was slightly higher.  Nowhere near the 1 GB minimum data plan with Mobile Share.  You need to remember that data is only used when you are not connected to wifi.  When you are at home, you should always be connected to your home Wifi.  Most people have them now, and if you don’t, you need to get one if you are going to use Mobile Share.

Once you switch over to Mobile Share, it is easy.  You can log into your AT&T wireless account to see usage at any point in time.  You can also download the free AT&T myWireless app to monitor your usage per device.  AT&T will also notify you by text once you reach 65 percent of your data usage.  Subsequent texts will notify you at 90 percent, and 100 percent.  You will have plenty of opportunity to respond and alter your data plan.  You also have the opportunity at any time to stop any of your deivces from using data.

Face Time

You knew there had to be a caveat somewhere in there.  When Apple debuts IOS 6 this fall, it will include Face Time over cellular.  AT&T users can only take advantage of this feature if they have a Mobile Share plan.  Yes, that has put a lot of people into a tizzy.  My feeling?  Whatever, it is what it is.  I don’t use Face Time that much to begin with.

What You Should Know

You can convert from your existing plan to the new Mobile Share plan in several ways:

  1. Call AT&T and have them do it over the phone

  2. Log into your AT&T account on the Internet and switch your data plan

  3. Go to an AT&T store to switch your plan.

If you have an iPad with 3G or 4G capabilities, chances are you pay month-to-month for your current data plan.  It is most likely not visible in your AT&T account with your other devices.  You will need to take it to an AT&T store to put it in your plan and to have the Sim Card changed out.

Once you are signed up on the Share Data plan, your voicemail greeting will probably be set to the default.  You will need to re-record your greeting if you had a custom one.

If you need help converting to the new plan, we can help.  Contact us at 360-567-8838 for assistance.

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