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Be The Change

I have seen this quote countless times, in many places. However, sometimes it takes just the right time, place and circumstance, until you really see and understand a concept.

There are those in my life who feel that I bury my head in the sand and refuse to see all the evil, horror, and bad going on in the world.  In their viewpoint, I am hiding from life and refusing to be part of the change because I refuse to acknowledge the darker side of life.

Oh, if only I could somehow get them to understand that it is just the opposite. I KNOW that there is a lot of crap going on in this world that needs to be addressed, fixed and transformed.  However, I cannot be a part of the sector of society that points fingers, blames everyone else for the state of our earth, and spreads negative thoughts.

I am part of the sector of humanity that truly believes that the emotions we put out into the world is what we attract back to our lives.  I see it happening everywhere.  I have made a conscious decision that negative emotions or thoughts are no longer welcome in my life.  They no longer have a space in my mind, and they are no longer welcome in my world.

I instead focus on the good in this world.  I focus on making sure I am existing on the highest emotional plane that I possibly can.  Why?  Because, by focusing on the bright side of my life, I am throwing positivity and happiness out into the universe.  It has a ripple effect.  In it’s purest form, if you smile at someone you encounter on the street, they are likely to smile back at you.  BAM!  Look at the effect you just had on another person.  They are then likely to do the same with someone else.

THAT my friends, is how you change the world.  You do not change it in a positive way by complaining, blaming, accusing, or pointing fingers.  That just makes everyone miserable.

Instead, you change the world by spreading one little bit of happiness where ever you can, and when ever you can.  After all, the only point in time that is really important is RIGHT NOW.  Make it a positive point in time, and I guarantee you, the change you make in the world will be significant.

With love, my friends.

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