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CES is in Full Swing

 The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES), put on by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) is in full swing in Las Vegas.  Technology vendors flock to this show every year to unveil new products that they hope you will discover you absolutely cannot live without.

Browsing through some of the announcements this morning on Mashable, I found a few interesting items I wanted to share with you.

Touch Pen

First up is a handy device to help you use the Windows 8 Touch Screen functionality, without having a touchscreen.

Targus has unveiled a device they are calling a Touch Pen.  You hook up a small receiver to the side of your laptop screen (or monitor, up to 17 inches), that then connects to a USB port.  This makes it an ideas device for laptop use, but not so much monitors over 17″ in size, which is just about every monitor out there.

You calibrate the Touch Pen once so that it knows the dimensions of your screen.  Then the Touch Pen acts like your finger would on a touch screen monitor.  The Touch Pen has a soft tip, like a stylus you would use on your smart phone or pad.  No software or drivers are required, and it will work on any computer running Windows 8.

The Touch Pen is scheduled to arrive in stores sometime in January, and at  I did not see a price mentioned.

Y-cam HomeMonitor

Next up is a product by Y-cam, maker of the BabyPing baby Monitor.  They are calling the HomeMonitor the first cloud-based outdoor camera for the home.

The camera connects to your wired or wireless network at home, and once you create your account on their website, the video streaming

is available to view.  The related smart phone apps allow you to view the video from anywhere.  The account gives you 7 days of free storage for your videos,  and you can also get 30 days of video storage for $39.99

The HomeMonitor will be available for $199 for indoor usage, and $349 for outdoor versions.  No work on when it will be available.

A great product to use if you are on vacation but want to keep tabs on what is going on outside your home.

Thank you Mashable for your great coverage of CES.

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