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Diva Takeaway #14

The weekend started out with rain. . . .lots of rain.  I thought, what better time to tackle a website project I needed to make some progress on?

After a few hours of struggling with an issue that I just could not resolve, I finally decided to surrender to the process.  I surrendered by sending an email to the website plugin vendor outlining the issue and asking for help.  Knowing that I would hear anything until Monday, I spiffed myself up and went downtown to have lunch with a bunch of friends.

Did I learn the lesson?  No. I woke up this morning and decided to tackle another project.  I needed to string together a series of technology events into one event, saving me several hours of work each week.  I finally surrendered and sent an email to the software vendor outlining my issue.  Again, knowing I would not hear anything until Monday, I surrendered this project.

Did I learn the lesson?  NO!  I still did not learn the lesson.  That lesson that the universe was trying to tell me, was to take the weekend off and relax.  Rejuvenate my soul.

I tackled project #3, with a failure as the end result.

After 3 failed attempts, I finally surrendered and walked out of my office and closed the door.

Surrendering brings peace.  Surrendering brings accomplishment.  Surrender and breathe, it will all be OK.

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