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Diva Takeaway #15

Today I learned a lot by doing a Google GSuite to Office 365 migration.

BUT, the main thing I learned had to do with the new ability in GSuite to export all data from your Google account.  I was really only interested in email, so I did an export.

Bottom line, Google exports all of the email, however, it does not retain your folder structure.  So all email, from all folders, got dumped into one folder.  Not very useful as far as I am concerned.

I ended up installing GSuite Sync on my computer, and moving all of the email into Outlook.  I then imported that into my clients new Office 365 account.

AND, I learned that my goto Office 365 expert moved from Vegas to Florida over the weekend.  I will have to get used to chatting with her in different time zones now.

When it comes to Office 365 migrations, I am upping my skill set every day!

It was a challenging day, yet very rewarding!!

Also, a shoutout to Archangel Michael for being with me on this project every step of the way.

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