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Diva Takeaway #16

I sat down at my desk this morning to work, and quickly discovered that all websites I went to were loading super slow.  I KNOW that my internet speeds should be super speedy.  I pay a lot for speed.

You can test your speed by going to, and clicking on GO.  The Download speed is the main number you want to pay attention to.  I honestly believe anything less than 12 MBPS is inadequate.  I pay for 200 MBPS.

If you find your internet pages are slow to load, the best first thing you can do to solve this is to simply reboot your internet modem and router.  You may have a combo modem and router.  If your router is separate from the modem, unplug both devices first.  THEN, plug the modem back in and wait 5 minutes.  Then plug the wireless router in and wait another 5 minutes.

Once your devices come back up, go back to and click on GO again.  You might find it interesting to see the differences between the before and after tests.  When I tested my line this morning I was getting 5 MBPS.  A reboot of my modem and router brought me back to 200 MBPS.

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