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How to Prepare for IOS 6

IOS 6 for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch will be released on Wednesday, September 19th. With over 200 new features, IOS 6 is bound to have something for everyone.

Major enhancements include: A totally rewritten Maps module, with turn-by-turn navigation, flyover views, and traffic updates. Passbook, a module to store airline and train boarding passes, retail coupons, and loyalty cards. Deep Facebook integration, Phone App updates, shared Photo Streams, Siri enhancements, and Face-Time over 4G.

So what do you need to prepare your device to install IOS 6?

  1. Begin by deleting unwanted apps from your device.  Over the past year, since IOS 5 was introduced, you have probably download some apps that you no longer use.  Simply remove the ones no longer necessary to you.  Hold down the app until they “wiggle”, and then press the black X in the upper left corner of the app.  That will delete it from your device.

  2. Transfer recent purchases from your device back to your computer that runs iTunes.  If you sync your device wirelessly, simply hook your device up to a power source and make sure it is on the same wireless network as the computer running iTunes.  If it does not automatically begin to sync, simply right click on your device in the Devices section of iTunes and choose Sync.  This process will transfer your purchases to iTunes, as well as sync the device to iTunes.

  3. Backup your device.  I cannot emphasize this enough.  You should always have a recent backup before upgrading to a major version of IOS.  If you backup to iTunes via USB cable, plug the device into your computer that has iTunes.  Right-click on the device in the Devices list, and then choose Backup.  If you backup to iCloud, then from the device, go to Settings-iCloud-Sotrage and Backup-Backup Now.

  4. Install the latest version of iTunes on your computer.  The latest version right now is 10.7.  Apple may release a newer version either right before they release IOS 6 or at the same time IOS 6 is released.  At a minimum, make sure you are on version 10.7.

  5. Make sure you know what your Apple ID and password is.  When you upgrade to IOS 6, you will need to know this information.

Once IOS 6 is released, you actually do not need to hook your device up to your iTunes computer to upgrade.  Sinply go to Settings-General-Software Update.  If you are on IOS version 4 or lower, you will need to connect your device to your computer to upgrade to IOS 6.

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