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I need help managing my passwords!

Dear ComputerDiva, I access quite a few websites that require a login and password. I am having a very hard time remembering all the websites, logins and passwords. At first I wrote them on a sticky note and pasted them to my monitor. However, that hardly seems secure. Then I wrote them down on one piece of paper and put it in a safe place, but I cannot remember where that safe place is. Help me! Password Challenged

Dear Password Challenged,

Help is on the way. This is a real issue that many people struggle with, and I am glad you realized that leaving post-it notes all over your monitor with sensitive information is not a secure plan.

I recommend that you go to and download RoboForm. RoboForm is a great utility that allows you to save website logins and passwords. RoboForm saves online passwords into what they call a Passcard. Once the password is saved, RoboForm will offer to fill it when you visit the login page again.

RoboForm can fill long non-password forms (such as registration or checkout form) from your personal profile that they call an Identity. You fill in your Identity once with all your personal data and then RoboForm will enter this data into web page forms for you.

You can generate secure, random passwords of any length. Randomness of generated passwords makes them harder to compromise, and using them is simple since RoboForm will remember your passwords for you.

Take your RoboForm with you on a USB disk when traveling and have access to all the passwords you will need. Backup, restore and print all your passwords.

What is even better, is that RoboForm is guaranteed to be adware and spyware free. It has gotten rave reviews from The Wall Street Journal, PC World, The New York Times, PC Magazine, and the list goes on and on.

I use it and love it! Try it. . . . .I guarantee you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

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