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Leap of Faith

There may be times in your life where you are standing at a crossroads, wondering which direction to go.

It seems scary, not knowing what is down that road, or where it will take you.

The way I see it, is you have two choices, stay on your current path, where life is a known quantity and you know exactly what is going to happen every day.

Choice number 2 is to go down the unknown path, blindly trusting that what will unfold will be gloriously wonderful, and just perfect for your life.

You will know what choice is the right one when you listen to your gut.  Say to yourself, “stay on the same path”, and then gauge how you feel.  Do you feel it in your stomach?  Maybe it feels like a ball of lead?  Or, ask yourself “go down the new path”, and again gauge how that feels?  Maybe butterflies and a warm feeling?

It could easily be the other way around.  Which ever way it is, go with the feeling that feels the best to you.  It will be different for everyone.

The choice associated with the lead ball, dreadful feeling, is most likely your ego telling you how IT wants you to live.  The warm feeling is probably your guardian angels whispering to you that this is the path to take.

The goal is to not listen to the ego and go with what feels right for you.  Your ego is selfish and not in your best interest.  Always go with the guardian angels. You can guarantee that if you do, your leap of faith, whatever it is, will turn out just fine.

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