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Office 2007 – Two Cool New Features

Office 2007 info continues! In my last post, I told you about the new “Ribbon” and “Office Button”. Today, I want to highlight just a few more common enhancements to Office 2007.


A gallery is a palette of pre-made formatting attributes you can apply to various elements in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. Examples include tables, styles, charts, and PowerPoint themes, shown here.

Galleries make it easier for you to make format changes to your document. Galleries show you quickly what your layout, formatting, and color options look like. Or, othersie put, the Galleries gives you a graphical view of potential changes to the document.

If you are like me, making a document look professional takes too much time. I struggle with making my reports at the office look really good. With Galleries, I can highlight a portion of text, and try out various Galleries to see how it looks. Really cool stuff!

Save as PDF

In Office 2007, you can save a document to a PDF file without having to load the Adobe program onto your computer. Yes, there was some rumbling between Microsoft and Adobe over this feature at first, and from what I hear, Microsoft was able to pull this off by making this feature an add-in to Office 2007, and not a standard option. Whatever.

If you are interested in installing this addin, go to this link and follow the prompts: I actually love that this addin is available. I create PDF files now in other ways, but this is so much more convenient.

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