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Project Windows 7 – The Installation

Good evening,

As you all know from my last post, I have embarked on a project to install Windows 7 Release Candidate (W7) on my home laptop. I completely backed up my computer on Tuesday night, fully intending to begin the installation that same night. However, I am one of those weird IT people who is actually NOT a night person. I kind of puttered out and had to go to bed when the backup was completed.

So, tonight I decided to embark on the install of W7. I quickly made sure I had a fresh backup of any files I had changed (Email was it), and then sat down to perform the install.

I started at 7:54 PM, and the install was complete and I was on the Internet by 8:31 PM. I thought that was a bit quick for a fresh install. Turns out, it was not a “wipe the hard drive clean and start from scratch” install. I will write more on that later. However, here it is at 9:50 PM and I have installed Outlook 2003 for my email, and also installed iTunes. I have not done a configuration on it yet though.

First impressions. . . . .Fantastic!!!! The install was extremely pain free, in fact the easiest Windows install I have ever done. Everything was just about automatic.

I will be compiling my notes over the next few days and begin posting some details. So far though, I am impressed.

Stay tuned friends.

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