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Project Windows 7 – The Installation Contradiction

When I installed Windows 7, I had two options:

1. Upgrade

2. Clean Install

I chose the Clean Install option. Theoretically, as the Microsoft instructions indicated, it allowed me to choose a partition on my hard drive, and the install program was supposed to format that partition and install a fresh set of Windows 7 files.

In reality though, the installation program created a windows.old folder and stored the Documents and Files directory, Users, Program Files and the Windows directory inside that folder. It then installed Windows 7.

Therefore, because I store all of my data files in a directory off the root of the C:\ drive called “Mary’s Stuff”, that folder was untouched and remains there now.

Not the clean install I was hoping for, but I am going to leave it as is for now.

The only other issue I had is that the install program did not load the sound drivers for my laptop. I am still working on that issue, and will get it resolved.

Stay tuned for more postings!

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