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So what is happening in the world of tech?  I had a client ask me yesterday what is new and upcoming?

Google has been very busy lately.  They just released two products that deserve a close look at.

I purchased on and it arrived yesterday. After setting it up, it immediately wanted to download the latest version of Android, version 4.3. It shipped with 4.2. It was a simple and fast upgrade.

I am an avid Apple fan, and this is my first Android based device. I am blown away by it’s beauty and simplicity. I also love the fact that the screens are customizable, and you can have a combination of apps and widgets on the screens. I immediately put my most used apps on the device (Netflix, Hulu, Weather Channel, and I then dived into the Nexus 7 Guidebook (which is an ebook on the home screen). If you purchase a Nexus 7, which I highly recommend, make sure you spend the time to go through the guidebook. I have learned a lot of very useful information already, and I have barely started.

I give this device a Diva Buy. Google Nexus 7 FHD Tablet (7-Inch, 16GB, Black) by ASUS (2013)

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I think that is enough for today. Bravo Google!

#Chromecast #Nexus7

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