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The Largest Ransomware Attack Just Happened

The largest ransomware attack ever, happened in the past 24 hours.

I felt it so important of an event, that I did a Facebook Live video on the subject today. You can see it on my YouTube page.

WannaCrypt/WannaCry was released, and in 24 hours infected over 114,000 computers worldwide.

Companies affected included Fedex, and in the UK it hit the National Health Service, causing the cancellations of surgeries. This is serious stuff.

The virus exploits a vulnerability in the Windows operating system. Microsoft had released a patch for this vulnerability back in March. If the patch has not been installed on your computer, you are at risk.

The ransomware virus encrypts the data on your computer, and requires you to pay $300 in bitcoin to get the data back. Keep in mind these are criminals who create these virus’s, and they have no vested interest in giving you your data back.

The virus is attacking Windows 7 computers, and Windows Server 2008 computers. Windows XP and Windows Vista are also vulnerable. In an unprecedented move, Microsoft released patches today for both XP and Vista. These operating systems are out of support and no longer receive any patches, until today.

How is this virus spreading?

It is spreading through phishing emails. Meaning, an email with an attachment. Once you open the attachment, you are infected.

Is it still spreading?

No, a 22 year-old in the UK, employed by a CA security firm, was nosing around in the code and found a kill switch in the virus. When the virus is unleashed on your computer, it first checks to see if a particular website domain is in existence. If it is, then the virus stops the infection and will not spread.

It was a very obscure domain, which had not been registered or activated, so he bought the domain and activated it. Virus stopped. He is a genius! However, it is only a matter of time until the perpetrators of the virus rework it and send it out again. NOW is the time to take action to protect your computer.

What can you do to protect your computer?

• Keep all of your software up-to-date. • STOP using Windows XP and Windows Vista. • Make sure your firewall is turned on, in either the Windows Firewall or in your AntiVirus software. • FREE antivirus is never a good option. • Backup your data regularly. An online backup service is the only way to protect your data from Ransomware. • DO NOT open attachments in an email unless you know exactly what they are and wehre they came from. What else can you do?

The minute I learned of this virus, I logged into my Diva Care portal to run a report to see if any of my Diva Care computers did not have the Microsoft Patch installed. There was only one, and that is because for the most part this computer is turned off and it has not had an opportunity to be patched.

Diva Care Computers are Protected

Diva Care computers ARE fully patched and not vulnerable to this virus.

If you are not a Diva Care subscriber, now might be a good time to subscribe.

Purchase a Diva TuneUP/Malwarebytes Premium Package

Your other option is to install Malwarebytes Pro version 3. It protects against ransomware, and most antivirus software packages DO NOT.

I am running a special on Malwarebytes Pro, which includes the license, the installation, and a full Diva TuneUP on your computer. All for $99. This is a great price!!!!

Head to my website, and click on the “Make an Appointment Online button. For the Category, select “I want awesome remote service”. For the service, select “Diva TuneUP/Malwarebytes Premium. Choose the date and time you want me to install, and we are off and running.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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