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THIS Made Me Happy

THIS made me happy today! Time spent in the beautiful Columbia Gorge.

Here is the deal folks. For the past 3 months, I have gone through several mammograms, ultrasounds, and a biopsy. The doctors are trying their best to NOT diagnose me with breast cancer. I have to say, they are thorough.

I KNOW in my heart they will not find anything, but in the meantime, I keep going through tests. Another biopsy scheduled in a few weeks.

BUT, I am not relying solely on the traditional medical profession to be in charge of my medical care or my healing.

Today, I made the decision to turn off the phone and spend the day in the Gorge with my friend Cinda, at her property east of Stevenson. We roamed the entire property looking for a special spot for me to energetically take the atypical cells the doctors have found, and give them back to the earth, and expel them from my body.

After finding a few possible spots, I found the exact spot down by the water, in a secluded cove. There was a box sitting on the rocks, wrapped in white paper. It had a rope tied around it, and it looked like a wrapped package, a gift. I thought it odd. Then a few minutes later, closer to the water, I found a pink daisy.

Clearly, the universe was giving me a sign that this was the spot. Pink Daisy’s are often given as a get well token. I energetically expelled the offending cells from my body. It was a sacred experience.

Additionally, I am spending some time at In Light Life, in their hyperbaric oxygen chambers. Cancer hates oxygen, so what better way to get rid of the offending cells, than flooding them with oxygen. Edna Ness and Caitlin Marie Wilson, the owners are going out of their way to make sure I get the oxygen treatments I need.

I have a few other plans for healing, but will not talk about them yet. I am hugely positive and optimistic that when I have the next biopsy done, the surgeon will scratch her head and say, “where did those atypical cells go? You are clean and free to experience life to the fullest!”

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