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True or False?

Pay attention to this email – True

If you are an Xfinity Internet customer, you may have gotten an email recently that is titled: “Action Required: Customer Security Assurance Notice” You would have received this notice if your Comcast email account is set up through an email program on your computer, and you are using port 25 for outgoing mail.

What the heck does this mean?  Well, email is sent out through ports on your computer.  In the past, port 25 was the common port used to send email.  However, it is unsecured and can easily be used to send spam.  Most email providers have now switched to sending your outgoing mail through secure port 465.  Basically, Comcast is requesting that you change your port on your outgoing mail program from 25 to 465.  Here is what you need to do:

Simply locate the preferences for your mail account in the software you currently use, and input the following settings:

  1. Outgoing (SMTP) Mail Server:

  2. Outbound Mail Server Port: 465

  3. Requires Authentication? Yes

  4. Username: Your user name (the first part of your email address)

  5. Password: Your Comcast password

PC TuneUP – False

Another email is floating around to Comcast customers, and it is titled:  “Comcast Customers:  Remove errors that maybe harmful to your PC”.   It is a supposed ad for software that you can download to tune up your computer.  There is a link to diagnose your PC for free.  Dont be fooled into opening this email or clicking on the link.  They want to diagnose your PC, and then scare you into buying software that will fix all the errors it finds.  All they want is your money.  Delete this email if you receive it.

NoMoreRack – False


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