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Windows 8.1 Release Date

Release Date Announced

Microsoft has announced that Windows 8.1 will be released on October 17th, 2013.  Specifically, 4 AM Pacific time.

This is good news for many Windows 8 users who have found it difficult to transition to the new interface.  I will say again right here, I really like Windows 8.  However, for the average user, it can be cumbersome to learn.  It is not intuitive.

So, here is a list of improvements:

1.     Boot-to-Desk, instead of the Start Menu with all the tiles.  Yeah!

2.     Share a background between your Desktop and the Start Screen.

3.     The ability to torn off the “hot corners” access to charms and apps.

4.     Internet Explorer 11, with side-by-side browsing of sites.

5.     A bunch of new apps

Kind of a measly list of upgrades, but I think enough to make the user experience a bit more friendly.  If you area Windows 8 customer of mine, expect to get a reminder from me to upgrade after it comes out.  I will help with the process.

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