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YouTube for iPhone

If you have an iPhone, you know that YouTube has always been a native app. With the imminent arrival of IOS 6, YouTube is no longer included.  This was not a surprise when Apple announced IOS 6 several weeks back.  YouTube is owned by Google, which makes the Android operating system, a huge competitor of Apple.

But there is good news!  YouTube has launched it’s own iPhone app, available now in the App Store.  As Apple hardly ever updated it’s Native YouTube app since it’s launch in 2007, the new YouTube app should be a refreshing change.  The YouTube Android app has many more features than the Apple App did.  Thousands more videos will be available, and more sophisticated search features.

The new YouTube app will work on the iPad but it is not formatted for the bigger iPad screen.  YouTube is working on an iPad app, and we hope to hear more about that soon.

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