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Diva Takeaway #2

I started the day with freezing fog, thanking the angels that I was not scheduled to go anywhere. As the day progressed, so did the temperature. It ended up being 59 and gorgeous in the Pacific Northwest.

My 8 AM phone call was all about moving some contacts and email folders. Specifically from Century Link email service to the Thunderbird email client.

Why did my client choose to deploy the Thunderbird Email client, instead of using webmail? Because most webmail sites are horribly slow and buggy. With all email and contacts in Thunderbird, my client is very happy. A great way to start a day!

Next I dived into my own website project (a little insider info here). I am putting together a special website geared towards my Diva Care subscribers. Exciting stuff coming up.

After about an hour, my intuition told me to set this project aside and move on to a trademark project. Again involving Diva Care. I was victorious with this little project, and decided to take a break to chat with a friend. I needed to clear my head.

Chat finished, I moved on to a project with a current Diva Care client in Southern California. The setup of two new computers in the main office. This involved setting up Diva Care, Office 365, and Sharepoint. If you are a small business and need centralized calendars and files, let me know. I can help you set it all up!

I wrapped up the afternoon by visiting my diva hair stylist. She works miracles with my hair, horribly straight and unmanageable.

Between all the above, and various phone calls and emails, it was a very full diva day.

Tomorrow should be interesting, starting with a 6 AM phone call with Microsoft. I am asking my guardian angels to make that phone call to be smooth and successful!

Goodnight everyone! Tomorrow is another day. Lets make it spectacular!!!

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