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Diva Takeaway #9

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Today, I have two takeaways to tell you about:

1. When you are sick, the Daily Takeaway does not happen. Sorry for the absence, but I have been administering self-care, and am now doing much better!

2. If you want to give your computer a speed boost, consider installing an SSD (Solid State Drive).

I have a brand new laptop that I purchased in January. Intel Core i7, 8th generation processor, 12 GB of RAM, and a 1 TB SATA drive. At times that computer dragged. I knew when I bought the laptop that I would be replacing the SATA drive with an SSD. I finally got around to doing it yesterday. OMG, it makes all the difference in the world.

I put in a 500 GB SSD (I dont really need a full TB), reloaded the operating system, drivers, and all the software I use. Most of my data is stored in One Drive and I selectively sync what I need. My laptop is now screaming fast.

It worked so well that I put an SSD in my mom’s laptop as well. Now when she sits down to use it, she wont grumble about how slow it is.

The cost of SSD’s has dramatically come down in the past few years. My 500 GB SSD was only $154. It used to be they were selling for about $1/GB.

If you are interested in boosting the performance of your computer with a SSD, hit me up.


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